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Motivation Speaker Aaron Linsdau

Motivational Speaker Aaron Linsdau’s presentations will inspire your organization to achieve awesome leadership, reach new levels of performance, and guide everyone to work as a team. To do this, Aaron presents in a style that is captivating, fun, approachable, and motivating.

Aaron holds the world record for the longest expedition to the South Pole. As the second only American to complete this trek alone, Aaron knows difficulties and relates them to your challenges. He teaches concrete inspirational leadership and teamwork techniques for overcoming impossible odds. Participants gain a better understanding of themselves, others, and how to thrive as a team. Motivational speaker Aaron Linsdau works with you to deliver the message you need for your organization.

Aaron speaks on:

Leadership • Motivation • Teamwork • Inspiration • Change

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Turning Goals Into Reality with motivational speaker Aaron Linsdau!

Aaron is going to climb Denali in Spring 2016. Check this link for more information. Read his book, Antarctic Tears, to experience what Antarctica is really like.

Aaron Linsdau Motivational Speaker


“Your material is very inspirational. Thank you very much!” – Richard Georgi, Grove International Partners LLP

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