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Experience Antarctica Antarctic Tears, written by Motivational Speaker Aaron Linsdau

Antarctic Tears

Turn your goals into reality. Pursue your dream to become the best at what you do. Make changes when necessary and move forward. Learn from motivational speaker Aaron Linsdau and his experience in Antarctica.

Aaron has over 15 years of experience in engineering. He knows the chaos that results from lack of planning. When projects spun out of control, he learned how to take what he was given and make something out of it. Now, he shares how he used this knowledge in the worst place in the world to ski to the South Pole alone.


Inspired by the explorer greats like Ernest Shackleton, Apsley-Cherry Garrard, and Robert Peary, motivational speaker Aaron Linsdau has pursued his own expeditions around the world. He has experienced the lethal cold of Antarctica and the broiling heat of Death Valley. He is currently planning expeditions across Greenland and to the North Pole.

Motivational Speaker Aaron Linsdau

Aaron Linsdau shares his emotional story of how he skied to the South Pole alone. He skirted disaster, faced failure, and fought disease. Learn how he reached his goal and use what he teaches to reach your goals, too.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be alone for three months in the largest wilderness in the world? How would you feel? Is it possible to prepare for such a thing? Yes, it is! Only 30 people in history have ever skied alone to the South Pole. It is one of the most grueling and emotional journeys imaginable. Read about the experience in his book Antarctic Tears.

Turning dreams into goals into reality with Motivational Speaker Aaron Linsdau

Turning dreams into goals into reality

Aaron speaks around the globe. He entertains and captivates his audiences, from the corporate board room to an auditorium full of school children. You always receive a fresh, original and inspiring talk focused on achieving what you care about.

His speeches aren’t focused on what he did but rather on you. You will gain benefit and insight from what he experienced in your daily life. Use the lessons he shares in his keynote addresses and seminars. Take the experience, use the tools, and turn your goals into reality.

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Aaron is currently preparing for expeditions across the Greenland ice cap and to the North Pole. Both of these expeditions have the goal of raising brand awareness and delivering concrete returns for your investment dollar.

There are very few humans who have the drive, ability and desire to motivate audiences and translate that motivation into actionable value. Aaron Linsdau is one of those people who delivers brand capital.

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