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Aaron Linsdau’s “Never Give In” Presentations

Antarctic expedition successAaron wants to exceed your organization’s expectations. His programs are available as keynotes and seminars. They can be combined & mixed to create a sensational experience and are an excellent investment for your next event.

Note: All programs can be customized, including titles, to match the theme of your event. Aaron’s goal is to work with you in every way to make your event a success.

Eat Raw Butter and Ask For More: Build Individuals to Into Powerful Contributors

Jackson motivational speakerInspire your organization to achieve great accomplishments with polar explorer Aaron Linsdau’s story. Using the drama of extreme exploration, Aaron shares techniques to build grit and courage in audiences to overcome challenges with how he set a world record for the longest solo expedition to the South Pole in Antarctica.

Your team will take away an understanding of how to persevere through the toughest conditions on the planet. Audience members will learn how to build resilience through Aaron’s approach to turn themselves into peak performers so they can lead their team to new heights. Aaron gives you his strategies of how to develop and maintain a positive attitude to develop inspirational leadership.

Realize the value of:

  • How to overwhelm challenges with attitude positivity
  • The secret ingredients of grit and courage to build resilience
  • What it takes to persevere through the toughest of times

Aaron’s program is a must-attend talk if you want to obtain powerful results by maximizing the individual performance of team members and leaders to reach your organization’s goals. Book Aaron for your next event today!

Aaron Linsdau Motivational Speaker

School Program (K-12): Build Courage to Achieve Greatness


DSC00267-500pxEvery student needs motivation, hope, and confidence that they can succeed. Aaron inspires audiences with his record-breaking expedition to the South Pole. He teaches success, perseverance, and ambition to students with his gripping expedition stories. Both students and staff will be inspired with a vision for their lives, to become their own personal explorer. They’ll learn the answer to “WHY do this?”, what it took, and what the happy unintended consequences were.

Expected Outcomes

Students and staff will be inspired that they can achieve accomplishments beyond their wildest dreams. History, geography, and health are woven into Aaron’s talk. Not only will students be inspired to greatness, they’ll have fun learning. The talk teaches that spirit, courage, and perseverance determine success, not gender or background. All will be frozen to their seats, feel like they’re in Antarctica, and be inspired to do their own amazing things.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn what hard work in school can do for students
  • Become motivated to never give up despite setbacks
  • Inspire a can-do attitude
  • Blow away gender stereotypes for young women


  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Perseverance
  • Value of education

Grade, age, & audience appropriate modifications are always made

Aaron Linsdau Motivational Speaker

“Never Give Up!”